Live Chicago is your partner in change. Whatever your goals, founder & CEO Madeleine Schaper can get you there.

LIFE PROJECT PLAN – Three month program

SUMMARY: Live Chicago’s innovative program connects you to your vision and goals. With this program you’ll examine the six vital areas of your life (health, well-being, profession, lifestyle, relationships & social life) and create an awareness around current challenges. Together with Madeleine, you’ll design a customized plan which will guide you through the transformative process. Weekly accountability coaching, meaningful resources connections and motivational materials are included to support your specific goals & empower you to live your plan.

spcoffeehouseDETAILS: Over the course of 12 weeks, we’ll assess your goals, create a plan and schedule realistic benchmarks. Within that timeframe, you’ll receive multiple live sessions, weekly check-ins & personal assignments. Resource materials tailored to  your unique personality complement your program & help you connect to your life in the place where you live!

  • First Meeting: 1.5 hour strategic planning session (week 1)
  • Second Meeting: 1 hour plan assignment (week 2)
  • Third Meeting: 1 hour midway assessment (week 6)
  • Fourth Meeting: 1 hour post-plan review (week 12)
  • Virtual Check-Ins: 30 minute sessions scheduled throughout your plan (up to 8 sessions over 12 weeks)

$955 / introductory price 

Connect with Madeleine and schedule a free 30 minute session