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The Intention of Intention: A Path to Joy

Live with Intention

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The intention of “intention” is to bring focus and purpose to what you do and how you do it in order to bring you to a goal.   When I look back and see how I have applied this in my own life I found something very interesting.  Yes, I found it helpful to choose one thing to focus on to accomplish (a task or an action).  That has certainly helped achieve milestones.  But I found using intention most impactful when trying to break through my own barriers.  I understand that the first will help with momentum in achieving an overall plan.  The latter is a much greater tool in reaching long term happiness. 

We all create barriers to achieving our life goals.  These barriers are anything that makes us choose an alternate course of action other than our desired path.  That is not to say there are not reasons to alter one’s path. (That is a discussion for another day).  What I am talking about are those internal feelings or voices and resulting actions (or lack of action) that keep up from achieving all that we are meant to achieve.  How many times we choose not to act because of feelings of inadequacy?  How many times we have altered our behavior and hide our authentic self for fear of how we think others may perceive it? 

Setting an intention to determine your state of being or create a mindset can help break through these barriers.  Even if you feel your intention has been the same intention every day.  Some of mine have been as simple as “be open”; “be generous”; or “be brave”.  And I have carried those intentions for long stretches of time.  But others have complexity to them.  One that always resides with me is to “seek first to understand”.  Another similar one that was a teaching point to me in a recent class was to “truly engage with other people”.  In doing so, you not only get out of your own head but get to know their stories and can in turn be inspired.

Intentions can be as big or as small as you need them to be.  But if you bring this practice into your daily life you can not only achieve your dreams, but you can also set in motion sustainable change in yourself and how you see the world around you. 

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