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5 Ways that Living Intentionally Can Really Change Your (The) World


“Every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention, and then becoming the intention.”
― Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason   

To-do lists can help organize your day.  They can be a great tool in time management. But do you ever notice that the to-do list never really changes?  Even if you prioritize appropriately, at the end of the day you might only chip away at the list.  Tomorrow you’ll fill in the blank slots and start all over again.  That never ending cycle can lead to a sense of perpetual movement without point.

What if we added intention into our day?  Something that we carry with us through the day and that is an overarching theme in what we put on our to-do list and how we prioritize each item on that list. At the end of the day, week, month year, etc. these intentions can shift your world.  This approach can also shift the greater world around us.

Let’s take a look at how intention can really create change:

  1. Give a sense of purpose: If you have intention you have a driving force to everything you do or how you do it.  Imagine how this would make you feel!
  2. Feel a sense of accomplishment: No matter how many or how few items you knock off your list, if you’re successful with your intention it will touch everything you do.
  3. Move you towards your goals: A substantive intention will tie into your goals.  Define your intention(s) by asking…what will help move me towards a goal?  Is there a particular action or way of being that is needed?
  4. Bring your vision into being: As you bring intention into practice and see momentum by achieving your goals, the picture of your greater vision will take shape.
  5. Create a movement: Change begets change.  For yourself and others around you.  Creating positive momentum changes how you feel about yourself and the world around you.  This can be a positive influence on how others approach things as well.  So be an influencer.  And share your successes with others.

You can create change in your world and the world around you.  Be conscious of your vision and goals.  Create your intentions and live them on a daily basis.   It’s one thing to desire something, it’s quite another to put it into action.  Just image what you can do.


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