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How to Create Change Through Intention

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Intention is a powerful tool to achieve your vision and goals.  Setting a daily intention will bring clarity and purpose to your day.  But intentions can be set for whatever period you find helpful. What’s important is that you keep your intention in mind throughout the period.  Here are some tips for being mindful of your set intention:

  • Write your intention on your calendar, daily planner and/or journal.
  • Write your intention on a piece of paper and place it somewhere you will see it throughout your day.
  • Speak your intention out load and repeat 5-10 times daily.
  • Tie a string around your wrist or finger as a reminder of your intention.  Some people even use a rubber band (I find that a little uncomfortable)

Remember intentions can take different forms.  Some can be a specific action part of a larger plan (a trick to avoid procrastination!).  Or some are focused on setting a state of being or a habit you’re developing in order to make a shift in your own behavior.  But be specific.  And it is best that your intentions map to your greater vision and goals.   This way you will see momentum in the change you are creating.

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