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Mindful Eating: 4 Ways to Create Inspired Dining

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Guest Blog:  Provided by Sheila Petersen of Life Elemental

Food is everywhere.

On one hand, it’s social, it’s convenient, it’s cheap and can be delivered in an hour or less. For some, just the thought of preparing, planning and grocery shopping produces anxiety. For some, food equals dreadful time in the kitchen chopping, slicing and dicing.

On the other, it’s complex, intense, passionate and unique. It’s visually stimulating, curated with love and is admired for it’s attention to detail. Enter Instagram.

Exploring the 4 Ways To Create Inspired Dining are sure to create an experience like no other.

Eat when you are hungry. Eat near or at the same time each day. Eat dinner as early in the evening as possible to give your body time to absorb and digest. In other words, just because the clock says noon doesn’t always mean it’s time to eat. When’s the last time you waited for your stomach to growl?

Eat sitting down in a calm environment. This does not include the car. (Unless of course it’s something healthy and you literally have no other options.) Eat without distractions. Distractions include email, cell phones, computers, television, newspapers, books, intense or anxiety-producing conversations. Eat (with the intention of being) in full view of others.

Check in with your body and eat what your body wants. Treat yourself and make the best choice possible. Don’t cheat yourself. If you want a cookie or a cupcake, eat it and enjoy it. Don’t beat yourself up for it. Eat until you are satisfied. Eat with enjoyment, gusto and pleasure.

Chew your food. Take a bite, put down the fork or spoon and count how many chews you get in each bite. Can you get 50-75 for proper absorption, digestion and elimination? This act will be helpful with portion sizes and not overeating. Eat one plate of food. That’s it.

Source: Women, Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything
Book by Geneen Roth

About Sheila Petersen: I have helped people transform their personal and professional lives via my newsletters, seminars, private one-on-one coaching and blog. I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I began my Holistic Health & Lifestyle practice, Life Elemental to help men, women and children feel empowered and accountable to make better food and lifestyle choices. I have a passion for creativity and making change fun. I love sharing what I know with those eager to learn and grow. If this sounds like you, click here to see how we can connect.

Sheila Petersen

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