Balance Part 2 - The Art of Balance

Balance Part 2 – The Art of Balance


Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create

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I’ve always been fascinating with the art of balancing stones. Some say it’s an illusion or a trick, using glue. But I like to believe that there is truth in the art. In many ways the idea of achieving balance in one’s life is an illusion. True the idea of perfect balance in life is an illusion. But there is valuable truth in the art of mindfully adding balance in life.

I’m going to continue with my analogy of the balancing stones when compared to trying to achieve balance in our life. It certainly can feel very much like balancing stones and it can be a bit tricky.

Let’s say you’re walking along a rocky shore. Each stone represents an aspect of our life. You certainly can get overwhelmed by all the stones on the shore. But to successfully create the art of balance in your life, you have to carefully choose your stones. It’s important to remember too that you will create your art every day. Because as reflecting upon Part 1 of the Balance Blog this month, balance changes and is different from day to day. Each day it’s important that you survey and mindfully gather your stones. It doesn’t really matter how large or small the stones but to try to incorporate as many as possible. Sometimes depending on what is going on in our lives we have to choose smaller stones in our art.

In my own life for example, over the past several years my balance shifted due to circumstances that required me to refocus and shift my priorities. My parents required care and were both at the end of their lives. For that period of time it was most important for me to focus between them, my relationships at home, my work and the “me” shifted from nurturing growth to more self-care. The point of this is that during this period of time, I purposely focused less on some areas of my life. Some stones became bigger and some were smaller. But now I am able to be a little more evenly distributed.

So when it comes to the art of balance in life, here are a few highlights:

1. Choose your stones mindfully. Be mindful of what your priorities and choose accordingly.
2. Use as many stones as possible but don’t overdo it. Don’t stress to incorporate everything every day. That approach would be counterproductive to the beauty of the art.
3. Every day is a new opportunity. Again be mindful of what has been lacking in recent days and make sure to add that to the day’s art.

So as you build your personal life balance revel in the beauty that you have achieved today no matter how many stones. It is exactly what you were supposed to achieve. Tomorrow is another day to create the art of your life again.

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