Being Courageous

Being Courageous

“Do one thing every day that scares you” – Eleanor Roosevelt


Courage manifests in different ways. Courageous acts can appear small or large to others but being courageous in whatever it’s magnitude can have a profound effect on yourself and others. Sometimes it takes the smallest steps of courage to overcome the largest of obstacles.

A big part of launching my Live Chicago venture is coming from my own little acts of courage. I realize that the longer you let something reside in your head the more courage it takes for it to manifest. Live Chicago lived in my head for 10 years. It had taken up residence there and had grown and flourished but only in my imagination. With time it became so large it felt nearly impossible to manifest. But I also realized that it wasn’t doing me or anyone else any good being firmly rooted in my dreams. It had to become part of my conscious life. But how was I to do that? Only through small courageous steps will this journey take place. Small steps that may at times feel like large leaps. But once the step is taken I realize that I am that one step closer to realizing a dream.

So every day I choose to take a step on my journey. I’ll write a blog. I’ll meet with potential vendor partners. I’ll put another member event on the calendar. In other words, every day, I’ll put my plan into action. That is my commitment to me and to Live Chicago.

So whatever your journey, not matter how intimidating or large it seems, take a courageous step forward every day. No journey is ever ventured by standing still.


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