The Story of Live Chicago

The Story of Live Chicago

“Life is a journey, it’s never going to be perfect, but it is something that we have to actively work on and create with the available resources.”




The idea for Live Chicago came to me 10 years ago in the middle of the night. As I lay in bed thinking about a job I just left and considering my options for the next stage of my life I had many questions going through my head. What do I want to do now? What’s important to me? What are my options?  What does this city have to offer? I thought to myself “Chicago as a city has SO much to offer and I am so much happier and fulfilled when I was submerged in the city.” In my career, socially, etc. I realized that I really wanted to inspire others to live their lives fully and this city has so much to offer to help them do so. Suddenly, in a half daze, the words “Live Chicago” appeared in my mind like a beckon.

Initially Live Chicago was going to be a two phase approach. The first phase was to be in real estate, inspiring people to physically live in the city of Chicago. The second phase was to inspire people to metaphorically LIVE in the city of Chicago: taking advantage of all the things the city has to offer and living more fulfilled lives by doing so.

Well I relatively quickly realized Real Estate as a career was not for me. Although for all my Realtor friends I say that it is a very valuable business and more power to you! Long story short, my real estate career never really got off the ground. As for “Live Chicago”, it became the idea that would continue to evolve but only in my head.

As I continued on the journey of my life and career, there were many times the “idea” of Live Chicago would present itself. Usually as one of my annual goals: “This year I will develop a plan for Live Chicago.” But somehow other priorities always seemed to come first. That is until now.

The last few years have been a turning point for me. I reached a milestone year; lived through the experience of watching both my parents’ transition from this life; and found myself in a job that albeit rewarding involved greatly sacrificing my time, my health and my relationships. This was the catalyst for me to take stock and reprioritize. I needed to redefine who I wanted to be, how I wanted to apply my skills and strengths and what I wanted my legacy to be. I needed to fully participate in my life, with my family and my community.   I finally decided to take a leap and fully dedicate myself to my life and in doing so creating Live Chicago.

So I continue my journey and am so excited share it with you.

I know the value of asking the key questions to help define success and drive change.

I know the value of building a plan and what it takes for that plan to succeed. A good plan will help guide us to a desired outcome. It will also help us make conscious decisions along the way.

And I know the value to building a solid support system with the right resources.

The mission of Live Chicago is to enable and empower people to define and actualize their life goals. Connect with your life in the place that you live.

Live Chicago.

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